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Peeters, Ruben & de Vicq de Cumptich, Amaury & Jonkers, Joost & Gelderblom, Oscar

Tafel-Vbis: Summary of all death duties in the Netherlands in 1921

2019-07-12T15:35:07.000000 Open - freely retrievable

This database is a transcription of the original Tafel-Vbis source for the year 1921. Tafel V-bis is the name of a specific ledger in the Dutch inheritance tax administration which lists all of the deceased people in the Netherlands for whom a death duty (inheritance tax declaration named Memorie van Successie) was drawn up. This dataset was compiled from all remaining Tafel-Vbis ledgers across the Netherlands. It lists basic information about the people who were taxed, such as: name, place of birth, residence, marital status, and net wealth. It gives a reference to the corresponding death duty (memorie van successie). It also contains a number of people who were investigated whether tax should be payed, but were not taxed. More information about the dataset can be found in the readme.txt and accompanying data paper.

economic history Netherlands demography

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