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Plümper, Oliver

Microstructural data and microscopic stress measurements of natural mineral-hydration reactions

2022-07-14T13:34:01.803660 Open - freely retrievable

We investigated the microstructures of periclase-to-brucite hydration domains within marble from the Adamello contact aureole (Italy). The microstructure preserve high differential stresses within the calcite surrounding the hydration domains of up to 1.5 GPa. Samples were investigated using optical, scanning and transmission electron microscopy as well as high-angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HREBSD). Stress measurements obtained via HREBSD are compared to analytical solutions. The data is organised in 10 folders termed (Supplementary) Figure X, where X is the figure number in the primary publication and supplementary information. An additional folder contains Matlab scripts for the analytical solutions to the stress measurements. Detailed information about the files and methods used is given in a readme file.

microstructural data microscopic stress measurements mineral-hydration reactions high differential stresses calcite marble EPOS multi-scale laboratories Scanning Electrone Microscope Transmission Electron Microscope Optical Microscope marble (Metamorphic rock) Strength

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