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van Boxtel, Wouter & van den Broek, Karlijn L.

M-Tool data analysis script

2021-11-25T16:12:01.666526 Open - freely retrievable

This R-script provides M-Tool users with a starting point for their data analysis. The script uses the edge list produced by M-Tool and transforms these into total number of nodes, total number of edges and various centrality measures (including in- and out-degree, in- and out-strength, mean in- and out-degree weight, weighted and unweighted betweenness). The script also includes code to visualize the data. Users need to download both scripts, save their data file in the same folder, and enter the name of their data file in the script to obtain the centrality measures. The output consists of long data, with a row for each node for each participant. The output data can be integrated with survey data for further analysis. For more information on M-Tool, see Contact person: Karlijn van den Broek - researcher -

M-Tool network analysis mental models Centrality indicators R-script Influence diagrams Directed graphs Weighted networks Degree Graph theory

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