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Oates, Stephen & Landman, Anke Jannie & van der Wal, Onno & Baehr, Hermann & Piening , Harry

Geomechanical, seismological, and geodetic data pertaining to the Groningen gas field: a data package used in the "Mmax II Workshop", on constraining the maximum earthquake magnitude in the Groningen field

2022-09-23T08:43:01.881761 Open - freely retrievable

The operator of the Groningen gas field, the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) has been developing and refining a seismic hazard and risk model as part of the response to induced earthquakes seen in the Groningen gas field since the early ‘90s. As part of these efforts, a workshop was conducted to address the question of the maximum earthquake magnitude, Mmax, that should be considered in the seismic hazard and risk modelling. An international panel of experts was appointed to make the assessment of Mmax for Groningen, informed by the presentations made at the workshop. This data package was produced for use by participants in the Groningen Mmax Workshop, which took place in Amsterdam on 13 - 17 June 2022. The data package constitutes general background reports and papers, geodetic data (surface levelling and InSAR measurements), earthquake location, magnitude and time data; reservoir engineering output and production data, including calculated, in-situ compaction and pressure versus time data. Calculated compaction and pressure versus time data up to 2021 are benchmarked to measured surface subsidence and formation pressure values obtained in the last few decades, and include predicted values up to 2050. For predictions, a rate-type compaction model was used, while assuming various production scenarios (clearly defined in the included explanatory files). For questions:

induced seismicity earthquake seismology maximum magnitude anthropogenic setting gas field Groningen compaction surface subsidence pressure reservoir engineering rate-type compaction model inSAR fault reservoir seismic model Mmax workshope NAM EPOS-NL

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