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Visser, Clemens A. & Bokhorst, Karel

Core photographs of the Rotliegend reservoir of the Groningen gas field and surrounding areas

2022-04-19T13:39:02.329089 Open - freely retrievable

The Groningen gas field is the largest gas field in Europe and has been showing seismicity since the 1990s. The ~200 meter thick gas reservoir is situated at ~3 km depth, and comprises sandstone from the Slochteren Formation which is part of the Permian age Upper Rotliegend Group. The reservoir has been cored extensively by the field operator, the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM). This dataset constitutes photographs of core slabs (core-parallel slices) taken from the reservoir intervals of 67 cored wells in the Groningen field and surrounding areas. It allows for detailed inspection of sedimentological features of the Rotliegend reservoir of the Groningen Field. This dataset includes a web-based Core Image viewing tool developed in-house by NAM. This tool allows for scrolling through photos of individual wells with zoom-in functionality at different magnifications. The core photographs and core viewing tool are provided by NAM, open access. Contact person: Clemens Visser - NAM -

Groningen gas field Rotliegend sandstone Slochteren sandstone Core photographs Sedimentological features Petrology Seismicity Compaction Subsidence Core slab NAM EPOS-NL

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