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Klein Goldewijk, Kees

History Database of the Global Environment 3.1

2023-11-30 17:13:02 Open - freely retrievable

This database presents an update and expansion of the History Database of the Global Environment (HYDE, v 3.1). HYDE is and internally consistent combination of updated historical population estimates and land use. Categories include cropland and grazing land. Population is represented by maps of total, urban, rural population and population density as well as built-up area. The period covered is 10 000 BCE to 2015 CE. Spatial resolution is 5 arc minutes (approx. 85 km2 at the equator), the files are in Arcmap asciigrid format. Contact person: Kees Klein Goldewijk - Please note that this is an old version. The HYDE 3.1 release contains 4 zipped scenarios (Final estimate, Lower estimate, Upper estimate, Other scenarios), an Anthromes_run and a Supplementary Files zip.

land use population cropland pasture ascii grid

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