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Tummala , Pradeep & Landman, Anke Jannie & van Elk, Jan

Dynamic Model (Eclipse Version) to predict the formation pressure response to gas extraction in the Groningen gas field, The Netherlands

2023-09-07 09:35:02 Open - freely retrievable

The dynamic model of the Groningen gas field is used to predict the flow of water and gas in the reservoir and the areal distribution of reservoir pressure resulting from the withdrawal of gas from the reservoir. The main area of the model was primarily calibrated using measured reservoir pressure data, included in the present model publication. The dynamic model for the Groningen field was first prepared in MoReS/Dynamo, a proprietary reservoir simulation software owned by Shell. To facilitate further sharing and use of the dynamic model by external parties, NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV) has prepared a version of the model that can be used with the more readily available Eclipse software. The present publication contains the Eclipse version of the model. While Eclipse software requires a commercial license, it was considered as the most practical software package to host this model as 1) it is widely used for geological modelling and reservoir simulation and 2) the authors are not aware of open source software packages with similar functionality to MoReS/Dynamo, or that are able to efficiently run a model with the size and complexity of the present model for the Groningen gas field. The present Eclipse version of the model is openly shared by NAM, through EPOS-NL. Corresponding author: Jan van Elk (

Groningen gas field gas field antropogenic setting reservoir pressure formation pressure pore pressure fluid transport fluid flow Slochteren sandstone Rotliegend Permian Reservoir engineering induced seismicity subsidence Eclipse Dynamo Mores EPOS-NL EPOS Multi-Scale Laboratories

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