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Matenco, Liviu & Beekman, Fred

Integrating the geological database of the subsurface of the Netherlands, for efficient visualization and interpretation

2023-05-02 17:47:02 Open - freely retrievable

This data publication provides an integrated framework of the public geological database of the Dutch subsurface, for geological interpretation. It complements the extensive existing information portals available for public use by providing efficient visualization and interpretation of geologically relevant information at the scale of the entire country. The relevant dataset is integrated into a single Schlumberger PetrelTM project, while the reflections seismics and wells dataset is provided separately in platform-independent formats with included metadata. While the Petrel software utilized in this project requires a commercial license, it is widely used within both industry and academia, and we anticipate that this data publication can be utilized by a wide audience. We emphasize that all data and models integrated in this project are in itself publicly available, and maintained so by the Dutch Geological Survey of TNO. Among others, the present project integrates 10,599 2D seismic lines, 280 3D seismic cubes, 6,590 wells and 4,752 composite wells logs. The project is not exhaustive in terms of all available subsurface data in the Netherlands and should be considered as providing an easier start for anyone interested in visualizing and interpreting the Netherlands subsurface. The present publication on Yoda data services includes version 3.4 of the Petrel project. The most recent version can be found in a publicly accessible SURF drive:, along with the large seismic dataset referred to in the Petrel project. If you encounter any issues in accessing the dataset on Yoda or on SURF, please contact For questions on the Petrel project, or the open data that it integrates, please contact Liviu Matenco:

Petrel Geological formation Geological model Lithostratigraphy Stratigraphy formation horizon geological horizon Borehole Wellbore Well log LIS LAS Gamma ray Velocity model Slochteren sandstone Basal Zechstein Rotliegend Neogene Paleogene Cretaceous Jurassic Triassic Permian Carboniferous gas field geothermal field continental crust lithosphere sonic EPOS Geological Information and Modelling EPOS-NL the Netherlands Groningen gas field subsurface subsurface storage Seismic seismic reflection 2D seismic line 2D seismic cube Velmod Digital Geological Model DGM-Diep

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