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Petrel geological model of the Groningen gas field, the Netherlands

November 19, 2020 Open - freely retrievable

Geological model and data of the Groningen gas field, the Netherlands, developed by the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) and distributed by the Dutch research infrastructure of solid earth sciences, EPOS-NL. The static model helps geoscientists to develop stratigraphic and structural understanding of the Groningen gas reservoir, allowing to move seamlessly from 2D maps to 3D models and so to provide accuracy throughout the exploration, development, and (post-)production stages. Before usage, please note the following points: • This model can only be used in combination with Petrel software • The model has taken years of expert development. Please use only if you are a skilled Petrel user. • It was developed in Petrel_2018. • Please reference model use as: NAM (2020). Petrel geological model of the Groningen gas field, the Netherlands. Open access through EPOS-NL. Yoda data publication platform Utrecht University. • EPOS-NL takes genuine interest in which parties use the model. If you intend on using the model, please let us know by emailing to: • If you encounter problems in accessing the model, please contact EPOS-NL: • For technical questions relating to model use, please contact Dr. Fred Beekman at Utrecht University:

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